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Bdead: yup I am oficially a golem bag holder now:-s. not a big amount luckely.Watchtower: sweetdewi, that i.d cant be found on the blockchain, I will advise you raise a ticket from where it was sent so that they can look into it for you.

I remember that show when Amanda interviewed people from every coin.ZWhale: 6apbIra, there is industrial zone, so no limit for power.Badfish: Oldgamejunk, Fine ill let the players manipulate markets.NameChangeBypass: Anondran, FCT has a similar setup if you know what to look for:).Hal: ZWhale, because we dont like seeing noobs being scammed by bad crypto that has good marketing.Conradhann1: dash is gonna pop bigtime again tonight when china sees we held it up.Nordman: terrybeth, in norway you either have a cabin or a boat some have both.Watchtower: angelitto, not even for all the btc in the world.:).

Oldgamejunk: Bashtard, Lets keep it civil in the box please, thank you.Tradechat Archive 2017 Feb 24 Page3. Heathen: ZWhale, cant hold btc i spend it, not user friendly, holds dash says it user friendly lel ZWhale: Zebra, thug life:).Watchtower: ZWhale, yes, trading with emotions can be really dangerous:).Bazaar: maikelban, interesting. wonder what this new fork is all about.Banhammer: Arthur999 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Watchtower.

Lots of things going for them right now, latest update works very well, think we are nearing full release.Mufasa: minus info that i def couldnt reveal thats how it looked.Gravychain: cryptotroll1, it better be. the theme of today so far has been, dump you gnt instantly into any buy wall.BCBB: Manual, and using loads of tokens acumilated over time.

Nordman: billbobob2684, Dove In Norway is about the size of a pigeon.Mufasa: Saturatedfat, collected data on a lot of businesses and people. accessed cams mics. traced source.Banhammer: altcoinhere banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by biodork.CryptoBitSeeker: ZWhale, sorry I thought you were mining dash.Nordman: billbobob2684, humm hunted for years still could not compare them.CryptoBitSeeker: Gravychain, Zebra, sigh, the problem with crypto is that requires a lot of knowledge.FistfulShekel: Jumandji1980, iam so sorry for that bleep happening, xoxol.

ZWhale: Golem technique is used broadly in big data processing via Apache Hadoop and others, but Golem is for P2P networks.I never owned physical cards,but I played a lot of online like 7-10 years ago.Hal: shorting dash is dumb, scams often getpumped to the moon befor ethey collaps.MOTB: JohnsJohnJohnny, if you make a order its maker fee, if you take a order its taker fee.SabeurThameur: Xoblort, yes The teacher of English me banhammer of the class.Banhammer: Goldrus77777 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.Anondran: terrybeth, terrybeth, why do u always say to buy neu.Nordman: terrybeth, oh we have lots of cruises from Norway cheap.ZWhale: 6apbIra, I paying more than 50% for rent and electricity.

Watchtower: d3693, lets not start the speculation spam please.Gravychain: HooliXYZ, check golem slack. id prefer to not mention it here again.AbyNormal: Katoomer, one year I think, I member it had one huge pump to 800k last year.Watchtower: Kaitokid, Yes, technology advancement rate is high:).Kakarachi: SatoshisIsland, only if you consider amanda b jonhson and the cameraguy to be a merchant.

Xoblort: POLO TIP: You can opt out of email validation for withdrawals if you have 2FA enabled.Bdead: altcoinhere, it could be a reasonably good point to buy.Nordman: billbobob2684, what they eat is passed through the meat to you.OaktreeCapital: told you golem is a scam. iex.ec is legit. just wait for it.Kaitokid: billbobob2684, well do what you want ut i dont like XMR.Mufasa: sure keiser is very aware and he def acted in a you cant touch me fashion. knew they wouold never pursue certain things or keiser cus they knew its not him but.Nordman: billbobob2684, you have morning doves, hard to hit with a shotgun.

Jammeen: btc had a large lunch and is now pulling its pants down and preparing to drop a steaming one.ZWhale: edvinshehu, I think its simpler for you to buy bitcoins.Bdead: Unac, bandwagon effect, people buy dash because they see other people do it.Watchtower: makhooane, you need to go to each margin trade to see the individual position please.

MartinHyska: medbenchaou, be aware on polo, they add also non-crypto coins, so y can easy burn.She does not understand the most basic concept of how distributed consensus is formed.FearNGreed: well they buy support has dropped to half of what it was.Anondran: DASH is still the same price from 3 yrs ago, zoom out the charts.Banhammer: bigfish banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.DashDude: i wonder why dash is still so cheap, such low price is unsustainable, need rise much more.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 24

Mufasa: my altcoin is going to make its entereance. will shake the web.Tourist: theBunk, only official dash people in that Atlassian Dash site.

BrainStormer: biodork, Watchtower, So please notify your admins to add this rule before adding a market.My entire life Republicans have told me to stockpile weapons and ammo so we can stop a lunatic in Washington from turning American into a facist regime.and now they.FearNGreed: angelitto, even when she dropped from 5600 it stayed above 2000.Herbalist: lordcaptainbradley, i wish i could say that i only remember as low as 290 euro.Bazaar: peacebeuponallmessengers, you obvously didnt listen to the podcast as I just dropped it in trollbox 2min ago.