Ethereums pool mining

What Many Privacy Coins Fundamentally Misunderstand About Satoshis Vision.L4rge1ntheMarg1n: I hope you understand what people not being able to get new money to exchanges means for prices.WiseGoat: Look at the 1week chart, 5-minute sticks for ripple.Xoblort: you should also not be making timed payments from Poloniex accounts, it is always better to withdraw to a local wallet first then send from there.Xoblort: senior.tornado2010, Lets ease up a bit on the advertising please.Xoblort: Bosscoin, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.

NIST Paper Claims Bitcoin Cash Is Technically the Real Bitcoin.Xoblort: power87, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.TheMrCharles: jayson.rahmlow, btc gonna get taxed in India now.People will buy it, the crowds, and pour their money into litecoin.AwakenedChain: 2much, i was longing from 866. closed it at 998 after the word broke out and started a short. its a pattern.

Xoblort: PoohThePoodle, The borrower can close their position and return the loan at any time.ItsTheChamp: duonghoanglong1992, I hit it at 38, but its all good we will all retire soon.Deviancy: As a costumer that has over 5 btc in account I dont care who is slow and why.I expect more from legit exchange.Xoblort: cryptofaucetuser, Please keep your eye on the Notices below this Trollbox for any information on this.Bigolas: michelle.mt7, Usually minutes but awaiting approval may take upto 24 hrs.Pharrisee1: concavity, not sure, probably some regulatory thing.Xoblort: racybhavik, sorry there is not much more I can help with there.

ManWithThePlan: erimyhre, If it fails again I dont see it avoiding a retest of 730K sat low.Bigolas: ishandotgupta,You should see it here now, confirming.AbyNormal: MaxWilson, XMR had a sell frenzy past few days, and is not that much up like eth or dash.The coin devs should concentrate on the coins, these side projects are not doing them any good unless they get them right.

Bigolas: dmitriok, So your first deposit needs to be at least 1ETH plus the network fee or it will not show in your wallet, it will be there but not show.ID Chain Delivers Efficient and Reliable Authentication of Credit Data.South Korean Govt: We Are Not Banning Cryptocurrency, Trading.TheMrCharles: ishaanm, unless a bunch of 13 year old dope heads start using crypto exchanges maybe.Bigolas: risinhigher, Please do not announce your trades in the Box, thankyou for understanding.

Bitcoinmillion1: Banhammer, oh come on. pick on someone your own size thor.Xoblort: nasirishaikh,.and the box was very fast at that moment.Xoblort: Yeahyeah1159, sorry there is not much more I can help with there.

LoveCrypto143: congo after long time btc just crossed LOC of 1300.Bigolas: christoferboone, I cannot do anything here, I do not have the tools, apologies.Xoblort: MemeBeckoner, We never request a bounty for a coin to be added to the market listings.Cthulhu: shorts, on sjcx, someone really want his crowd sale price haha:D.Xoblort: lakos, Moderators work in the box exclusively so commenting on that is not possible for us.AwakenedChain: paper, Im so confused what you meant buy zeros now.

SoundWave: Kim Kardashian may be the new LTC spokes to compete with FTC and Amanda.I think its a boundary we need them to lose at its better for.Exchanges May Offer Custodial Lightning Network Accounts in the Future.Xoblort: gnlwnd2613, exequielbarbieri, No need to just spam tickers please.

Cryptography: I clearly need to figure out this marking thing.Bitcoin and Crypto Courses All the Rage at Americas Top Schools.WiseGoat: A whale seems to be singlehandedly stabilizing the price.Pharrisee1: concavity, and even tho quick wins are possible, so are quick losses.Wyattiverson: ETHUSD pennant should complete around Apr 23 UTC 0000 while this btc rising wedge completes in about 12 hours.Girzan: MindFormat, might be another day or so, btc did some crazy.

Painatal: no but if the company and what the company produce are in the right path the product(xrp) will folow the success of the company that created.Xoblort: Cryptography, most coins have a limited supply, what do you mean.Mark Cuban Confirms Dallas Mavericks Will Accept Bitcoin For Tickets.AwakenedChain: jcapathy, i made money thanks to the freeze up i love polo.DocCoin: Blockchain Based Telehealth Services Announces Pre-ICO.OPHI: Been over 24 hours now and my btc transaction is still uncomfirmed.

Finnrey: jcapathy, sheeeeet, I drove 3 blocks away and am getting same sentence rofl.Xoblort: avelasconazaretti, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.PuffNStuff: jacobandjake, Also true, I know Russia is adopting ethereum tech for some of its banking systems.This Company Will Store Your Cryptocurrencies in Its Gold Vaults in Dubai.PumpyBrewster: TheFirstLady, no, you need to be marked by others, but you can buy them to mark others.Shaerox: Pinocchio, ETH still not active on Alphabay - it just has been added - nothing more. it will go lunar after it can be used on Alpha.Bigolas: matt-a34f, Transaction times depend on many variables, including transaction fee, network activity etc.

Support is working to resolve that as soon as possible danieljamesstephens, Appreciate the patience.USD is premined, centralized, insecure, non-private, inflationary money, and owning it is taxed.컴퓨터와 관련한 이런 저런 이야기 + 책/영화 소개 + 신변잡기적인 수필 jhrogue noreply.Xoblort: ripplenipple, we can help with that, just let a moderator know in here.JAGANNATH: herryhalim-cdf5, USDT is a crypto token pegged to a 1 price by the issuer.LithuanianCottonSwab: jackvafi, what do i do to fix the anxiety problem.When I divide the amount of money in my polo account by the number of btc I have, I come up with a price of 1246 per btc.PKVienna: wbe4ever, its like the most chill bot ever haha, 420 was hitting hard.