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Zebra: kevintylermartin, sorry it will be banned here go to ethereum reddit and find link there.Xoblort: PRO TIP: Enable 2FA for your email account and your login here for better security at - Your email account is your weakest link.Cparker742016: i made a 14 deposit of eth i see it says fee of 1 etc will my transaction go thru.Choose your TOOLS wisely when determining which direction a market will swing.Agent86: stotoyan, Mostly monero cultists calling dash a scam but they call just about everything a scam.Zebra: ixSlot, here is one monthe perspective, play with scalings and period.SokaMyohoSeattle: Add more coins to trade in the ETH market, please.Anondran: we all know how no news random jumps come to an end.lots of salty bags.Cparker742016: Mirai, i sent 14 of eth to my account it shows it deposited from my coinbase but its not showing up in my poloneix account please help.

SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, ok to be honest i have buyin at 1155.LBCMiner: Probably still a good time to buy dash for long term investment.SunshineTT: 11111111101010000000, exactly a business to make money.Anondran: jimbit, ok, then what about 3 guys owning half the masternodes.Agent86: Trollface15, Its baked into how it works, I think its in the Mauve paper.

NooberDog: shagglewaggle, not dash hatters. hate seeing people lose their shirts because a whale has 400btc in margin he can toss around lmao.Cryptoptimus: I expect a trend reversal on bts soon now that they cleared some longs off the books.SideShowBob: Nordman, remember the days on crapsty we pushed it to 024.BenjaminBannekar: stotoyan, yes, i am in others that people call scams as well.

Xoblort: ah663214, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, but confirmed.Include the transaction id, amount sent, and where it was sent to. Thank you.RickRoller: I think a lot of people buying into pumps are going to be left with a big pecker in the butt and holding a bag.

BathrobeBillionaire: Coinmaker, I bought 10 btc worth of SYS back in September.sold at a huge loss 2 weeks ago.Squidlings: although would I buy now. probably not, it might drop.BlueStinger: ETH is going back to 0.03 btc in the coming days.TakeYourTimes: Juan1Ponce1De1Leon, im a bag holder from 3 dollars:).Shamoo: techish, watch the liquidations bring to to 24s again, weak hands galore.Anondran: just wait till the next 30min candle for dash appears.LBCMiner: If dash going this high, XMR will have its day too. Patience.SideShowBob: wbe4ever, once i got sent to the prison hospital to the eye DR. i cant tell you how many young gansters were there with one eye saying they will never disrepect.Xoblort: annedragon7, Once a withdrawal has gone to awaiting approval it cannot be cancelled.

Banhammer: kaltkoin banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Xoblort: CroMiner, You can change your Trollbox username once by navigating to the Settings tab (wrench Icon) in the main menu and clicking Trollbox Username.Squidlings: I think dash with instant pay, visible and invisible payment is the key to their success.SideShowBob: Nordman, finally got my taxes done an to my suprise im getting a few k back.thanks obama care.Agent86: BathrobeBillionaire, Yeah I hear about it on Geek Wire (a radio show).

Mirai: myclearlife, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to review and process your withdrawal.Agent86: Trollface15, Some will, but those tokens require ETH to be used to create them.Nordman: SideShowBob, was kind of funny watching the calves lol.Banhammer: slavynchick banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.

TheChandler: crisConte, Not me I would have waited till today.SideShowBob: CryptoPotato, yeah now i just promote and do jobs with my wife.Shamoo: sar, id dump them if i were you.this is way outside the bbs.

OneDollarBill: stotoyan, i shorted it 3 days ago and i got 0.6% fee. insane.artists-earn-now.com artistsinger.com artistsrepubliconline.com artitudeandscraps.com artkomputer.net artkwadrat.com artline365.com artnudesfolio.com artnumerik.com.Zebra: stotoyan, they are trolls and they want they favorite currency to be in top so they use dirty methods to do this.

Nordman: causevd, but that translates to 2 or more on the blockchain.TheChandler: They removed all the btc transactions from blockchain.info Cant see them now.Xoblort: Talking about pump groups or announcing pumps is not wanted here.Banhammer: bl4ck banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.BathrobeBillionaire: Agent86, gosseyn, yes, I have more ETH deposits than btc.Zebra: NickH, NickH, pass our regards to Amanda when she visit devs:D.

I waited 10 hours for 1 confirm. but there was 0, than use VIABTC tool and I get the fir.Filipos76: now we konw who spent 800mimions on eth in last few days.

CroMiner: hc77, I just wanted to change my name to CroTrades since i,m not mining anymore:).There will be huge corporate interests that will pay a ton for ETH Enterprise, then the same dev tools for Eth for smaller companies.Alfie: Xoblort, a friend with an account is overseas atm and has had phone stolen, phone contains possibly compromising data and he would like a suspension of his acc.Xoblort: RickRoller, support is aware of that, Appreciate the patience.Better off getting a million SC and hoping that gets to a dollar.Broketmrw: Whales really dont want ETH to grow, 500btc sell order in ETH now.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, He was also a scientist and you spelled his name wrong.