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Xoblort: power87, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.Xoblort: Moderators learn of coin listings the same time as everyone else, when an announcement is made in Notices section under the trollbox.Bigolas: hgbing2013, Please use only English in the box, thankyou for understanding.Olhado: alexnichey, I like Americans, I think we are pretty swell.

I also confrimed ithe transaction in the email link that was sent to me.Bigolas: razaf88, Support are under a very heavy load at the moment, due to a massive increase in New Users.

Cryptography: Lawful, I think he was referring to Necronomicon, which is an apparently evil book.Cthulhu: AwakenedChain, if u associate it with a coin or a price.Deeppurple.beat: TheMrCharles, agreed brother. i m in favour to stop fiat.WiseGoat: CryptoAndCoffee, The foundation of techonlogy is the scientific method, and the idea of experimenting to see if something is true before saying a thing is true.LithuanianCottonSwab: jackvafi, what do i do to fix the anxiety problem.Bndofgyps: Menaxerius, XRP trades on Kraken and Bitstamp both exchange have true USD wire transfers expect a massive run on XRP.Thesiren: asbowers97, take a look at noble sell book everyone it will be delisted so everyone has to check out if you buy it that your money is gone.Xoblort: Confirmation time varies depending on how busy the network is, You can watch it progress at.Shakka Wretch 32 Ft Etta Bond Wretch Thirty Two Feat Etta Bond Wretch32 Ft.

UVYAyipYAyo SCHyYO cEAyoe YAyoNyoBEcy e AH YIyoeyoriEceA SCHyA.DarkAngel: SOG is still littered with bugs too.too bad.2 years and still buggy, maybe they need moe devs.The growth here has been massive the last few months and we have been caught out a li.ManWithThePlan: TheMrCharles, we know that Coblee and Jihan are meeting online - maybe the result is positive.Xoblort: cryptofaucetuser, Please keep your eye on the Notices below this Trollbox for any information on this.

Xoblort: danieljamesstephens, I am sorry for the delay, no change here.

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SideShowBob: Nordman, however it might be said that terpin introduced jim to other major players that now include jim on other ventures.Xoblort: ylpkm, you can make corrections there, maybe we need a ticket also.ItsTheChamp: duonghoanglong1992, I have also heard whisperings of good things to come.BNC provides industry news and insights. (LoC) on a blockchain. A. Ripple is working with Standard Chartered and DBS;.

AwakenedChain: popsicle, u gone messed it up dont tip me until after 24 hrs xD.

Xoblort: Yeahyeah1159, You can open a ticket for that at and they will assist you with detailed questions to that.Xoblort: ripplenipple, we can help with that, just let a moderator know in here.The darkside uses absolutes, and so can focus their power 100% on one thing.DarkAngel: only coins for delisting are climbing up today.looking for exit victims.Xoblort: Please give it some more time, it has confirms so should be visible any minute, Hornedsalmon.Cryptography: PuffNStuff, at least purposefully trade to increase your coin count.

AwakenedChain: Cthulhu, ah. i dunno if its that it just bugged out for me, i had to refresh.Xoblort: POLO TIP: If you have a FEATURE you would like to see added to the site you can put a request in here.

FenderLender: nenadv99, i thjnk the word on the street is to hold btc.BuyLowGetHigh: erimyhre, I guess that after the round table meeting they will all signal and the BS is finally over with.

Banhammer: Bitcoinmillion1 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Xoblort: SLHC0, hi, I cannot give you an exact time, Our expert hamster wrangers are working through the situation as I type.TimeIsMoney: LoveCrypto143, XRP is token burnt when transaction is ended.