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Arthur999: SnowFox, i am wearing my pampers and did a dump in it. now its time to make others some money on their speculations.

Anondran: NameChangeBypass, whales are shorting xrp as i speak.Banhammer: mosia1989 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Freeman07: masterworld, real price is what is now but not in 48h.Watchtower: qq38007, I will still advise you try the withdrawal again, ensuring you copied the right address and to the right wallet.Mufasa: just crypto related news has to be signficant news and that will only happen after etfa pproval.I thought its more about governance on upgrading the blockchain.

Herbalist: firefighter, lol atleast satoshi has not touched it yet.

CryptDoH: DashDude, people just look at the dollar value or btc ratio.Oldgamejunk: Badfish, Please lets not play by play the charts and orderbooks, thank you.

Kaitokid: billbobob2684, well do what you want ut i dont like XMR.NameChangeBypass: Anondran, XRP might break the curve and head in the right direction -.CryptoBitSeeker: ZWhale, sorry I thought you were mining dash.

If you sign up through this referral link and initiate a buy or sell of $100 USD or more, you will receive 10 USD in Bitcoins in your wallet.FearNGreed: well they buy support has dropped to half of what it was.Cruznik02: Rebeltrev, it sure it it dropped a whole.5 percent.Nordman: angelitto, just become diabetic and it will happen to you.DanteXMR: Be careful with GNT, probably will continue falling.Mufasa: have a lot of online capabilities that I never revealed.Shinn: introvert, there is 11 million rep and only 7.11 million dash.

SerialShiller: onlinehandelen247, dude XRP is a centralized coin that violates the principles of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.DenmarkCRYPTOxx: Watchtower, i tryed to withdraw and i got an email with a link, the link is not working.Ali.sofyansah-0e50: GNT please get down to 2k and i will buy you.Hal: if monero had a girl promoting it it would be a billion dollars:P.Anondran: so many fake buy orders by Evan Dufiield and his team:d.Gravychain: HooliXYZ, every time a wall is put up of say 100 btc its flat out dumped into.Best14you: Please remember to turn on your bitcoin core wallets.Nordman: kneedrag, bots are only as good as you are, they are just programs.

Banhammer: ntban88 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Banhammer: a99999 banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Xoblort.CoinDreamer: humbrie, dash is a hype, i should sell it still high.Gravychain: Jammeen, hes probably well off. but it made the company productive due to funds.Nordman: angelitto, hehe my first computer was a timex sinclair.CoinsWatch92: Anondran, bela is naturally growing for 3 months now and people still asking what is the use of bela.ZWhale: 6apbIra, I paying more than 50% for rent and electricity.Once the withdrawal is cancelled by support you can try again.

Mufasa: minus info that i def couldnt reveal thats how it looked.CryptoBitSeeker: Gravychain, Zebra, sigh, the problem with crypto is that requires a lot of knowledge.

POLOSARG: LordKazoom, the latest big news was in septembre 2016.Oldgamejunk: a5545132, Please do not incite others to buy or sell please, thank you.Yes, I would only expect somene who ate more of both to find more distinction.

Mufasa: my paranoia in past good reason. didnt know if info i have is known nor not but its def not.Watchtower: lukegeorge67, lets not start the ticker spam please.Wolfofbitstreet: Dazman, That is what it does - not what it is.

Oldgamejunk: SpaceX, BTM is an independant coin, we just use it for marking here.GoldenParazyth: i am selling my kidney, both my kidneys for dash.Herbalist: biodork, i agree polo should let people know a new coin is comming not which coin it is but just that 1 is comming atleast.BCBB: Watchtower, Yes it is. (Hard work to keep her thinking like that) the recent btc price rise over christmas helped her understand it wasnt fake).Watchtower: 29dd, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to reveiw and process your withdrawal.