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< tertstlng trade d announcement anoolJlI mnth. eipress body to be usd usdIn In rroblMII 11.He claims that for centuries, royalty, powerful heads of state and trusted religious leaders around the world have kept a secret pact with the malevolent lizards.

China will not be able to internationalize the yuan in western nations, China's aim in internationalizing means to do trade only in the Yuan in Chinese terms, why.It was photographed at the end of 1941 over the south Atlantic while on the way to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis which was in Antarctic waters.The Vril, by comparison, only wanted to develop Raumschiffe (Spaceship) to reach Aldebaran in the Taurus Constellation 64 light years from earth.The original home of the Aryans was Thule, at the northernmost reaches of the Earth.He then described in his May 14 update, a battle that had taken place over Antarctica.

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Reports came in for approximately 6 months that high level syndicate groups were moving huge amounts of personal items and supplies to South American underground bases most noted in Brazil.Meanwhile Maria Orsitsch and the Vril Circle mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again, fueling speculation among some writers that Maria may have in fact escaped, as she claimed, to Aldebaran.Landing near the Mondsee lake in the Salzkammergut with diving tests to pressure-test the fuselage.

A tender was let to the aircraft companies Dornier and Junkers.American Export Lines, Inc., 263 F.2d 135, 2d Cir. (1959) Scribd Government Docs The Automobile Insurance Company, Libellants-Appellants Email Service Terms & Conditions updated! Contact us. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. By continuing to.Plans already existed for the large 120m diameter space craft Vril 7, able to transport entire companies.Trade customers will find many of the Deva firm favourites listed, including the Motif,. Ripples has joined for ces with UK charity Wherever the need.The reason the Anshar requested the meeting to make changes to the treaty is that they were considering a more active role with the surface populations.

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Again, what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they were doing.

ISAS publishes a regular series of briefs which provide quick analytical responses to developments and occurrences in South Asia.MARKET WATCH 23 JUNE, 2016. Replying to another question on reopening of new LoC points for trade in J&K,. leaving strong ripples for the Indian markets as.

New Orleans daily crescent. The Library of Congress > Chronicling America > New Orleans daily crescent. > June 18, 1860, Morning > Image 1. and the ripples of.Some royal families kept Vril lizards as pets, and used them to instill fear in those not showing the proper loyalty to the crown.Under Operation Paperclip German scientists were brought secretly to the USA.Special Note: I wish to thank Corey Goode and associated artists for kindly supplying the graphics illustrating his June 15 personal briefing.In this cone was a kind of pendulum for stabilization of the device.

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In his book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Professor Antony Sutton, author of nineteen books, provides a thoroughly documented account of the role played by Morgan, Rockefeller, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, General Motors, Ford, and other industrialists, in helping to finance the Nazis.Summary: Let's conquer an alien planet: Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by foamy,. and the head of M2's Equitable Trade Enforcement Agency dies of a.The camera monitored my eyes and marked a photograph when it was detected that I recognized the person.

These three discs had a hole of 1.80m through their centers, where the 2.40m high propulsion unit was mounted.Miller was Northwest Regional Director of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a front for Navy Intelligence, from 1974 to 1979.

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The surviving Hyperboreans were soon faced with the prospect of mutated and otherwise radiation damaged offspring.People and groups are being easily triggered, which helps explains the elite exodus to Antarctica described in Part One, and upsurge of violent extremism around the planet.Why is there nothing about this in the schoolbooks or encyclopaedias.Oriental Chamber Of Commerce, in Kolkata today inaugurated its 85th Annual General Meeting and discussed the economic scenario of India, new developments.The firms of Schriever-Habermohl and Miethe Belluzo worked on it.This would allow the lizards a way to interact directly with humans which, in turn, would permit the massive, government sponsored bodysnatching so prevalent around the world today.

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Likewise, Ford Motor Company made armaments for the U.S. Army, but produced, while in Germany, military vehicles for the Nazis.

The first project was carried out under the direction of Professor Dr W. O. Schumann of the Faculty of Science at Munich.In June 1934, Viktor Schauberger was invited by Hitler and the highest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies and worked, from then on, with them.As gods, Vril lizards would demand human sacrifices as a show of loyalty and devotion.Trade? Exchanges? Transaction? Price? Value. Ripple breached the 1 billion USD market cap range,. Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices with up to -20%.Marshall claims that the Illuminati bodysnatch many people, in every country, all over the world.Roland Harriman, is now confirmed to have been a Nazi front company.Back on May 14, Goode described a forthcoming meeting (since held) between different extraterrestrial and Inner Earth groups for a new treaty.This Die Glocke was further described as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed NAZI scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN.

It would transport several saucer shaped spacecraft for (interstellar) long duration flights.Significantly, the ultimate goal of the German Reptilian alliance went far beyond planetary conquest, as Tompkins claimed the U.S. Navy had learned from its spies.

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Do you now understand why the mass media dismisses everything about UFOs as fraud.