How many moneros per block

Apparently it has caused him to be censored in the Monero reddit when he linked it, so this shows this must be pretty good.WhaleOrNot: biodork, Are you aware of minimum ammounts of btc to offer for lending.Bad thing is that when you create something then you will always surfer from something diffrent. iamnotback - I wanted his solutions to this problem if will work.I want something stable until i am comfortable with limit orders.Herbalist: Alphamode, im no longer a trader noob maby but when it comes to techincal stuff blockchains coding i am noob:p.The only anonymous cryptocurrencies are those that deploy Zero Knowledge Proofs.

For an example, all you need to see is the new forum software.Drez: Thunderf00t is about to see if a 1000 degree Celcius gummy bear can melt 1g of pure gold.You can help avoid it by bumping up your tier and using 2FA if you arent already.Pap0u: stratis the next 40x. why would ledger add them to HARDWARE wallet.duh.Snorlax: lobujit, Yes, I was excited when SDC added it and moreso when XMR hardforked to make it the default tx format.Snorlax: lobujit, I think current dash levels are unsustainable.Banhammer: Massdebater banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.The real news is the alpha release of the daemon bitcoin full node of stratis.

You have to have some sort of accountability for the insurance company.SolarPowered: PRO TIP: Blog entries and forum posts are not news Reports.

Monero has a huge needs some few years to develop.This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.ShamPooSham: I have a feeling dash may break ATH within 2 weeks.VenomGhost: timaeus, You can request COINS to be added to trading at Fill that out there and it will be reviewed.GodAlmighty: zhalox, you can always make money. health is paramount.We have this drive toward electronic money to control all wealth.

SideShowBob: now some folks say nice things about me to my face but i know they still fear me in their hearts.CryptoCatfish: lobujit, It has some cool features.instant send and automatic payments.This look like a MM to me.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, no i loved both, but after further thought, i just have decided against dash, i think with good reason too.Good luck with ur trades I got my fingers crossed for us both.WhaleOrNot: reducing volitility is only fun if theres forex type leverage available.

Even in the case where altcoins offered absolutely no meaningful advantage over Bitcoin, there would still be altcoins, just because people like to gamble.CCollado: Doge is a joke coin, when will anyone take it seriuosly.Just found this on Reddit, someone made a bit longer Beginners guide to Monero.Although he is a mathematician, not a cryptographer, he was the only person involved in Monero capable of contributing anything meaningful to their project.

Also you fail to understand who controls the only two ASIC fabs i in the world and what their objective is (not profit, but absolute power).Most likely a shill hired by Zooko to promote his honeypot coin.Koyaanisqatsi: when you understand margin trading it works like a charm:D.Pattern of 2014 spike and crash to 2015 lows appears to be repeating.Khilone: Tomorrow an official post will be made onto the website and other mediums.I just love to log on poloniex and see my best coin known as startis perform like that.

Quote from: 3DBrushes on October 26, 2017, 05:57:36 PM Is dash really an anonymous coin.I move my XMR and DASH to XVG recently, this coin is under-valuated vs the 2 others.RiSCiSO: If btc got to the point where it will only move by 1%-3% in a day then everday people would believe in it jus tlike fiat currency.

Unfortunately this type of censorship campaign is standard operating procedure for the Monero core team.VenomGhost: BigRedD2ddy, Caps off please if you feel there is an error somehow Please file a support ticket at.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: horizonstrader, not guaranteed. it might be fine.Quote from: goin2mars. on August 02, 2017, 04:22:34 PM Yes, montero is going down.Hal: Alzheimer, its not private by default therefore it isnt private at all, or fungible.

SomethingCool: heumos, oh the lies you poor plebs tell each other.BrainStormer: yeezytrades, i did in the past many times, but if you are smart you end up the next day a bit richer than yesterday.Khilone: Tomorrow will be the Alpha release of our bitcoin Full Node Daemon.