Most moneros mined in a day

I did miss the bump to 0.009 last year and sold at 0.008 before it happened, but now loot at it.Thoth: RastaMiner, that is tether, you can read more at is obviously cheating on me, i am just processing if i should try and 4give and work throught or dump the bwitch.Walkmooner: youcanonlydothisonce, I wish I had more money right now to be honest.Gravychain: SwordsMan, SYS had the best news yesterday and people who cant read dumped.Doost005-ffa1: colossus, dash has some very strong selling points now though and evolution is coming out this year.Thoth: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.KoinKop: masterworld, will look it up, i usually choose coins which i believe have any future functionalities.

Thoth: maconheiro, nothing to fear, everything running normally now.Xoblort: niakris88, yes please, depending on the issue this can take up to 48 hours, some things usually only 24 hours.Allout: anagamidev, I am using EOBOT to mine steem with my rigs.Shinn: d0z, silver mining went up way more in the last years than gold mining, so thats why its not rising as much.

BigBen: frankdejung83, so I will not discuss with you because you do not have much education for this subject. just bet all your money that usa will default and be rich.Banhammer: namphienabc banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Thoth.BigBen: d0z, usa can go on like this for at least 10000 years. just relax. we are not the important generation in history.Thoth: 24K, moon generally refers to something appreciating greatly in value.Shinn: d0z, scientists have a pretty good idea of whats out there xD.Shinn: colossus, and LTC is one of those coins that dont get randomly delisted.JeromeKerviel: ebayerm2, I can already sell it at a profit and park my Porsche on your driveway, but maybe I will just wait until it goes to zero.KontraK: BTC Longs closing, more shorts getting opened, but the price still goes up.

Cthulhu: blkmail901, the ones who want it to fall do not have the funds to make it happen.Thoth: killian, it is not the same account as your Poloniex account.

Jerrys: terrybeth, we need strong judgement to grab opportunities, look up XMR.Thoth: drc10101, if you have an issue with a ban(s) please take it up with the mod manager OldManKidd.

Thoth: matroni, there are currently about 60K unconfirmed transactions on the network.Banhammer: terrybeth banned for 4 hours and 0 minutes by Thoth.

Jerrys: terrybeth, at the beginning i lost money with XMR then i decided to hodl:P.Shinn: JoshR, honestly with the ETF coming in march, i think btc will get very interesting.

Bane: before I smoke im really tired but how can football players listen to lady gaga for 30 minutes and get pumped up.Thoth: dextronomous, you should let support know through your ticket that it still has not been credited to your balance.Bane: lobujit, Do you do the please ask me about my motorcycle look like most bikers do.Banhammer: notacoinname banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Thoth.Thoth: POLO TIP: If you have a feature you would like to see added to the site you can put a request in here.Imogen: im the first one to mention the words inner being on this trollbox, feels good:).Shinn: masterworld, though gold is probably better, silver is a bit more difficult to trade.

Gravychain: 2ez28u, Hey bro:) you have made me ever so slightly pinker.Kappa: TheNewTreasury, I would have bought XMR, just cuz its low now.Xoblort: SumsPhoenix, thank you for the patience, they will help you with that as fast as possible.Cthulhu: 24K, if it is polo it will be biais and could be market manipulation.Rikimaru: ltc have a big history of pumping when btc is dumping.BigBen: frankdejung83, you start form the fact that debt will grow exponentially. LOL. thats a FACT LOLLL.Filipos76: people are quiet and silently buying nxt by old strategy.checjk sell buy wall.