Best way to buy moneros with credit card

YouCanTrustMe: FreakinJohn, I think a project of this dignity deserves higher market cap compared to other alts, thats my reasoning behind my stratis investment.SideShowBob: lookup, and if you do it 3 times a day thats almost 100.

SideShowBob: ruhh ohh talk of the devil she just got home.bbl.Tempers: stephenmac7: i am not talking about the legal reg system.Tempers: stephenmac7: that is not how bonding works. bonding is mostly about the signatory.SolarPowered: yeezytrades, No but you can only have 1 name change for the entirety of your account.CryptoBuc: LakesideAssets, reddcoin, doge for sure and maybe, maybe blackcoin - wild card.

No way the gov is going to let people make new insurance systems willy nilly.Tempers: stephenmac7: there are many off the wall insurnace schemes.RiSCiSO: China has been buying record amounts of gold since atleast 2012.CryptoBitSeeker: theBunk, easily control the price, but that goes for many of these coins.VenomGhost: EvilHardware, Please, try to refrain from using excessive characters in the TROLLBOX.Snorlax: idk man was going for a winnie the pooh vibe or something.But Solarpowered will ban me for a day if he even thinks I would.SR4: Khilhone, right, stratis feels like fresh air for crypto.SideShowBob: lookup, ive been doing the 20 dollar swings and doing ok with it.

SR4: sh4dow, dont gamble it.just set a tiny% for practice and just try to accumulate btc and some eth too.Msaghirmd: I agree, thioridazine dash price increase is bizarre.

KerCHING: SideShowBob, that sounds more hazardous than smoking.VenomGhost: 3634334, You could try an instabuy if you manually click the top order in the book youre trying to buy, make sure you select the amount that suits you.SideShowBob: im gonna have to take up a new habit.mabe dwarfs and feathers will take my mind off it.CryptoBuc: fearlessness, cool calm and collected, logical thinking, precision timing, steady hands - All things I wish I had while manscaping that I have while trading.

SideShowBob: thunderwolf, im npt gonna even have to leave my office.KerCHING: fallenzz, eth revealed a weakness. btc is orders of magnitute more secure than any other crypto.LongTermInvestor: lobujit, thanks. gains are trickle down are happening in the bank stocks.RiSCiSO: loopholekid, i dont believe in putting delays and limitations on how people can use their assets is good thing.FolderOne: horizonstrader, time will. more people learn about and adopt btc with time.

Tempers: then again I thought bitcoin was going down - so i sold at 883.Wyattiverson: Socket, irrational exuberance comes in many forms.Banhammer: Pap0u banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

DEXALL: lookup, I had to write BEEF banned for 1 hour though, just to keep up the polo tradtion.Chimpindeed: darkkkkk, opinions are like assholes. everyone has one.You can toggle from day to night mode in the upper right of the site.SR4: Its easy to label dash as one of the shadiest and turbulent scams. 3 rich whales control the market and the coin.NiceNsteady: lennontime, now nxt and ard. thoooosseee are jokes:D.Pap0u: stratis the next 40x. why would ledger add them to HARDWARE wallet.duh.They are a good example of professionalising and take crypto to the real world.