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Simple tricks for efficient loading or merging collections of unevenly sized elements.EQcorrscan - matched-filter earthquake detection and analysis.The Eloquent ORM provides a simple yet beautiful ActiveRecord implementation.Python library for easily retrieving table names, geometry columns, geometry tables, etc from a Spatialite database.LyricWiki, AzLyrics, Genius, Lyrics007, MusixMatch and other lyrics provider are available.An application designed for storing Feeds entries and notifying subscribers only when there are new entries.Estimate physical quantities of a binary star system from observed quantities.

Work with hexadecimal, store in binary, using half of the data size.Package to create ER diagrams from SQLAlchemy schemas using Graphviz.A Django application which manage administrative geographical data.Training, testing, and evaluating machine learning classifier models.Views for Products.Collage that display content with images from collective.contentleadimage.A Python package for KEGG pathway enrichment analysis with multiple gene lists.Managing Docker images, containers, and their dependencies in Python.

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A simple psycopg2 based wrapper for nosql like database interaction with python.A model used for curating other models and proxying their attributes.Tableau is a collection of helper classes for building test fixtures and seed data.You get: Pandas dataframes with sensible, matching column names and identifiers across datasets.Safety checks your installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities.Transformation utilities for csv (or csv-like) generated rows.Create web applications easily by defining them in JSON format.This library will allow you to interact with a remote CarePoint instance using Python.

Prune EBS snapshots based on a simple backup retention policy.Host list converter supporting hosts(5), ethers(5) and other formats.Test enrichment of genome-wide statistics in gene (or other) categories while correcting for gene-length and clustering.View and content access add-ons for collective.powertoken support for Plone.Like sorted but using external sorting so that large data sets can be sorted.The Opentrons API is a simple framework designed to make writing automated biology lab protocols easy.This module provides an easy way to manipulate and inspect lists of data.A Python package for simulator-independent specification of neuronal network models.UI and utility methods to generate sampledata for Plone projects.

Universal wrapper for the various OpenStack client software with support for multiple environments.A jQuery plugin for Plone layouts that merge portlets together obtaining a single portlet with tabs.A simple program and library to auto generate API documentation for Python modules.

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An efficient peak finder for high coverage ChIP-seq experiments.Generates a CREATE TABLE statement from a CSV file by guessing at column types.Chain together multiple (disparate) QuerySets to treat them as a single QuerySet.DataBases Made Simpler - Uniform interface for multiple adapters.

A library for creating graphs using Unicode braille characters.Simple Web application for manage a personal database of DVD movies.Comic-dl is a command line tool to download Comics and Manga from various Manga and Comic sites easily.Package for managing papers and the registration process for PyConBrasil.A tool to notify Docker contianers about changes in mounts on Bash for Windows.

Two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on turquoise color.BuddySuite is a collection of command line utilities written in Python for working with biological data.A responsive Diazo theme for mobile-friendly websites with Plone 4.Reusable and configurable neuroimaging pipelines with Nipype.Ontology language and toolkit for semantic processing of scientific data.A high performance and easy to use sqlite API for Data Scientist.A set of simple inventory that manages compute resources in a table.

A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy.Provides functionality to hide the left or right portlet column per article.Python implementation of the Degen Perl package by Zwick et al.Provides content types for creating and organizing personnel directories within educational institutions.A library to generate reports about activity in a PayPal account.Estimate hyper-parameter search using evolutionary algorithms.A simple library for adding database fixtures for unit tests using nothing but JSON or YAML.A simple Django templatetag to renders a sortable column to support sorting in tables.

Light wrapper for the R topGO package that produces interactive GO enrichment html reports.Fetch summary reports from Toggl.com, with automatic date range calculation.This module has functions to generate simple tabular reports.GUI baseline-subtraction using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform.Reformat and condense multiple sequence alignments to highlight variability.

Also included are modules for performing secure file transfer and sourcing environment variables.WSGI middleware that shows you log messages produced during request handling.

Almir is a Bacula (backup solution) web interface written in Python.Setup and manage a Jenkins continuous integration cluster in EC2.Audio Tagging Toolkit: A collection of scripts to expedite audio annotation and classifier training.A Django app to display lab personnel and information about them.Library for data analysis - extracting, storing and retrieving features.

Supporting infrastructure to run scientific experiments without a scientific workflow management system.A package for mapping biological data onto protein PDB structures.A set of tools which enhances ORMs written in Python with more features.Django Reporting is an application that can be integrated with the Django Admin and allows you to create dynamic reports for your models.It queries the BOLD database to get identification of taxa based on COI sequences.Lightweight framework for creating data-collection plugins and chaining together calls to them, from CLI, REST or Python.Science-Kit developed by Luc Giffon for Luc Giffon during his PhD thesis.Calculation of Radiance images for specified date, with specified time step and generation of animated gif output.