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Goode supplied various artist depictions of one of the doorways into the vast water filled tunnel systems throughout South America and Antarctica used by the elites that extend all the way from Mexico, through South America, and down into Antarctica.Marshall reports that the Illuminati even hold a special bodysnatching ceremony to celebrate this Vril lizard takeover.Again, what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they were doing.Prices displayed in USD only. Additional. The cushions have ripples in them and have not. After just nine months it has broken down so much and we are very.One of the reasons is as follows: in 1946 the Rockefeller foundation distributed USD 139,000 to present an official version of World War 2 to the public, which concealed all aid given by American bankers for building the Nazi regime, and which was also silent about the mystical and occult ideology of that regime.He also let it be known that there was an advanced civilization down there which, together with the SS, was served by an advanced technology.

However, they are not human and have no capacity to feel human emotions.It was an unmanned flying probe which would upset the electrical ignition systems of enemy armaments.Posts about Rosvi C. Gaetos written. topped the export statistics for fresh fruits as it surpassed the USD 1B mark. RIPPLES Plus, ROG, Rosvi C. Gaetos, taipei.Fleeing what they see as the impending taxation of their newfound fortunes, wealthy cryptocurrency investors are heading en masse to Puerto Rico, with their hearts.

There were also sometimes unidentified flying objects in the shape of cigars.Prices displayed in USD only. Additional Information. So rustic looking. The lamp is much larger than I expected. loc_en_US, sid_L430034, prod,.However another electrogravitational flying spinning-top with tachyon drive was developed which was more successful.

Discover Accounts, Cards and Services offered for Personal Banking Customers.It does not take much to succumb to. EMB through the RIPPLES. or contact Ms. Chato Liwanag at 831-2201 loc. 306 with e-mail address at [email protected] the beginning of 1943, planning began for a spaceship in the shape of a cigar, the Andromeda craft, which was to be built at the Zeppelin works (139m long).Following a failed attempt to overthrow the federal government, Hitler was arrested for treason.The original home of the Aryans was Thule, at the northernmost reaches of the Earth.Piazzetta Wittus in Southwest. or with a perceived disregard to your audience, it makes ripples. The exhaust blower is super quiet and retails for $545 USD!.

In March 1946 President Truman acted so that the Naval command of the USA gave permission to collect German material in order to experiment with this high technology.You may have heard of Operation Highjump and how Admiral Byrd had an altercation with entrenched German forces that overpowered them with amazing flying craft.Military abductions conducted by operatives of one or more unacknowledged programs occur.Subsequently, he was subjected to a military abduction by one or more of these agencies, which he briefly described in his May 14 update.Goode, describing one of the locations where Gonzales traveled to during his stay with the Anshar.India's first dedicated job portal for the retired persons & senior experienced professional. around USD 285 for a. too much disruption in 2018 but I.Another scientist was studying drugs such as ketamine and BZ gas.

Hans Scultetus, was concentrating on weather forecasts resting on the world-ice cosmology.The Arado 196 tail unit which was supposed to guide the device proved to be completely ineffective.Secret NRO Space Stations to be Revealed in Limited Disclosure Plan.The Control Council which was given the task of preparing directives for the arrest and detention of war criminals, moved into Germany after the war.According to Marshall, the Illuminati utilize this unique parasitic ability of the lizards to further their own dark agenda.Allen Dulles would eventually become a member the Bilderbergers and director of the Email Service Terms & Conditions updated! Contact us. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. By continuing to.This Die Glocke was further described as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed NAZI scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.Why can't God just forgive sin, instead of demanding justice?. (BBC, in.loc.):. The natural consequences are not at the same magnitude as the ripples of.

Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon 1- Review. Dec 30,. and its $8,120 USD price tag will likely have the same. so eager to suck up the smallest of ripples in the.Next, Goode refers to the period immediately after Gonzales was outed, sometime in March 2016.It refers to a temporary evacuation location with Maria, and the final departure to Aldebaran.Kaaree informed me that Gonzales had informed her that the Anshar request for a meeting over requested ratifications to a treaty that was agreed to by all of the major ET players in the Solar System including those we would consider negative.The spies learned that the goal of the Reptilian plan was not only to assist the Nazis to win the war and achieve planetary conquest, but to build fleets of antigravity spacecraft carriers that could be used for interplanetary conquest in other star systems.Moreover, the Vril telepaths received the following information: the Sumerian language was not only identical to that of the Aldebaranians, but it also had tones similar to German, and the frequency of the two languages was almost identical.

They were flown, and an important part of this technology was used in 1983 in the Phoenix Experiment, preceded by the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943.In June 1934, Viktor Schauberger was invited by Hitler and the highest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies and worked, from then on, with them.Virgil Armstrong, former CIA operative and former Green Beret, said the German flying machines during World War II could land and take off vertically and fly at right angles.

I have been rather busy with another projects, but I will try to do more postings when these projects end.Gonzales was turned away by the beings that inhabited that outpost.The more the races mixed together, the more their spiritual development was degraded.As gods, Vril lizards would demand human sacrifices as a show of loyalty and devotion.See the best of Toronto with CityPASS. Headed to Toronto? There's so much to do in this Canadian city with international flair, but with CityPASS,.It was photographed at the end of 1941 over the south Atlantic while on the way to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis which was in Antarctic waters.After WW2, the Aryan utopia of a Thule paradise was completely abolished, replaced by an egalitarian utopia promoting a mythical sub-Saharan cradle of civilization, promoted globally with funding by the UN.Over the four years of his covert Naval Intelligence service (1942-1946) Tompkins estimates giving 1200 briefings at different locations, where he revealed Nazi secrets to those U.S. scientists most capable of understanding what the Germans were secretly developing.This material is not science fiction, but represents truly what was going on in the Inner Core of Thule and Vril.

Currently, these six Antarctica bases are used by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, one of the secret space programs identified by Goode.The solar system of Aldebaran is 68 light-years from Earth, and two inhabited planets which constitute the Realm of Sumeran orbit around their sun.Gonzales had been staying with the Anshar for weeks with no explanation.The reason the Anshar requested the meeting to make changes to the treaty is that they were considering a more active role with the surface populations.Marshall reveals that Vril hosts are responsible for much of the senseless crimes and spree killings that occur.

In addition to the preceding whistleblower testimony, there are important documents that support Tompkins extraordinary claims.According to Goode, the Antarctic battle was not an isolated incident.It is correctly said that history is always written by the winners, but history is not the only field to have been politically influenced by the victors of the second world war.They are keeping an eye on the highly programmed nature of humanity and our response to knowing the Anshar exist.