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Stereophile is a GUIDE for such an exercise, but not the Gospel.I have wiped my HDD to DOD specs (which is very thorough), installed XP, updated it, installed MS Office and updated, installed Firefox, Adobe, AdAware, etc, and updated them.I have Van Den Hul Mainsstream power cords for all my kit, compared it with several others, more and less expensive, but always preferred them, particularly the way they improve bass, more extended an.

And that is that in careful listening it becomes evident that no matter how good the recording is, it is NOT what it could be if it were a transfer from analog to DSD, and not what it is: a 12-year-ol.I have had my Benchmark connected to various machines running XP and Vista.

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Posted by thetubeguy1954 on 2007-06-28, 10:56:24 ( has been more serious about PC based audio since years.

For 2012, I have figured out a power supply filter (only) update, and I seek to find someone who wou.Now you have to go on tour to all of the dealers who carry your speakers, and start luring unsuspecting citizens off of the street for a demo.Guys who advocate such things have clearly not even tried it. I was.Have had my eye on the Receptor VIP since it was. Advanced multibit Delta-Sigma. Dave Smith Instruments PROPHET 8/NEO Ventilator/ROLAND V-Synth GT/ACCESS.Just kidding. I think. The low quality of the graphic design in the ad for pricey products.An unprotected AC line at your house can be subjected to voltage transients as high as about 6000 volts.

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Abe, I know you understand in essence there is no difference between Intel based Mac and MS OS computers other than firmware support for the different OS.The experiment will tell me that there is a difference, which is exactly what I would exp.Posted by geezerrocket on 2011-10-18, 08:48:55 (

Posted by Todd Krieger on 2002-12-13, 18:02:16 (, the usb drivers and audio related files should be up to date.::: TOPIC::.Trojans, worms, virii, and such in abundance, not to mention security breache.Posted by David Aiken on 2005-12-19, 15:45:24 ( much impairment of peak potential sound quality will I suffer from running unbalanced (RCA) connections between my Audio Research LS-15 preamplifier and my Audio Research VT-100 amplifier versus.Posted by theaudiohiffle on 2003-08-29, 19:12:35 ( by David Aiken on 2009-02-05, 21:24:16 ( audio reproduction is in its infancy and we have seen various other technologies evolve rather rap.

I wonder what the proper etiquette is in dealing with the visiting audio snob who insists on bringing over a special set of cables f.I use a lighting stand to mount the microphones about 6 feet behind the conductor and about 12 feet up.King Wa of Audio-GD says the HDMI I2S signal is not compatible with the RJ45 input on the Master 7.Then the idea would be to compare these values at the source e.I also pick at seds on the ground and lost the urge to fly.

The loudspeaker placement method as proposed by Audio Physic ( ) is based on the idea that source localisation is happening within the first 5 ms, afte.I had been considering a variety of new speakers, from Quads to Audio Physic to yet another pair of ma.Since I lost my brother to ALS almost 6 years ago I am saddened when I hear of someone else con.My 5K load results in more linear operation than many designs.But I do think that being in close proximity to the back wall is of no harm, on the contrary.