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Added full detected GPU list to user-submitted diagnostics reports generated by gethelp.Added column for NVIDIA watts to ethosdistro.com stats panel.Added tooltip to ethosdistro.com stats panels that detects possible rig hacks.

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Revamped on-rig start menu to only show useful ethOS-related functions.Prompted users who have ethOS installations with known malware (from torrents) to reimage to a legitimate gpuShack version of ethOS.

Fixed cases where sgminer would not properly report hashrate if GPU was in a down or crashed state.Added an event condition when everything appears fine, but rig is not hashing.Fixed issue associated with rig creation displaying incorrect time on the stats panel.Weakly convergence in $W^. Does pointwise convergence imply convergence in $\mathfrak{L}^{\text{loc}}_{1}. Go / No-Go decision after difficulty starting due to.Updated ethOS to AMDGPU 16.60, resulting in a slightly increased hashrate.I'm trying to draw 4 lines above map cells as cells access level using this code VertexPositionColor[] collection = new VertexPositionColor[] { new.Added more information to gethelp diagnostics report, and reformatted gethelp in logical order with comments.

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Replaced zogminer miner with silentarmy miner, resulting in better hashrates and stability across all GPUs.Fixed bug that prevented driverless boot from showing a terminal prompt.Reduced disk writes by refactored ethos-update to prevent update from starting if update-related files did not download.Bounded continuous local martingale of finite variation. {\mathrm{loc}} ^{0}:=\{\text. Continuous local martingale of finite variation is constant. 0.Prevented log spam related to defining and importing remote and local configs.LOC. CryptoScreener. Home; Screener; Marketplace. Browse Through Our Community Driven, Screeners Browse Marketplace. Most Saved; All Crypto Tokens; All Crypto Coins.Separate ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata functionality, resulting in better sampling of conf and rig data.Apache2, ServerAlias not working. so your addition of example.loc does not include www.example.loc. Go / No-Go decision after difficulty starting due to weak.Fixed an issue where some packages were not automatically installed via ethos-update.

★Check out our website for the latest eSports news!★ Website: www.SoulGamers.net.Revamped rig-status on-desktop display to better show current rig status.Hy guys. I got a noob question, tried to look on the internet without success. Look the following notice: Linux kernel exceeds 15 million lines of code Now, how many.

Fixed cases where ethOS rigs failed to send updates to ethOS stats panel.Difficulty of simplified payment verification. Ethereum solves both of these issues by being hosted on its own blockchain,. loc = contract.memory[k+2].Silver Gold Man: **BUSTED** Fukushima Kevin Blanch "EX-Hedge Fund" FRAUD - Duration: 9:45. Silver Gold Man 772 views.Added ability to automatically reboot if rig is in a non-mining state.Reduced potential of cosmetic errors from appearing during ethOS startup.Created a backend motherboard firmware flashing method for afulnx.Added simple redirects to various ethOS knowledge base sections.Added better time indicators and hovers for columns associated with time data on the stats panel.Updated all mining programs to their latest versions as of this release.

Genesis Mining Introduces Ethereum Cloud Mining. of cloud mining contract that will let users mining Ethereum. Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel.Fixed a case where clear-thermals did not set GPUs to default core clocks.Fixed a bug that prevented remote.conf from applying config properly in certain cases.Added hardware error notification for NVIDIA-related crashes.Reduced potential difficulty of setting dual-mining. Fixed a case where claymore ethereum miner stops mining if a. Allowed the same "loc" rack location to.Fixed major throttling bug that was introduced in ethOS 1.1.2, which prevented throtting (overheat protection still worked).Fixed an issue where ethminer would not start if no flags were defined in config.

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Added better instructions for rig overclocking to knowledge base.

The game of bitcoin hasn’t even started yet, said cryptocurrency trader Ran Neu-Ner. “We haven’t even got to the start line of cryptocurrencies,” Neu-Ner told.Added correct reference to restart-proxy command in ethOS motd.Fixed authentication bug that prevented some rigs from appearing in ethosdistro.com stats panel.Forced cleanup of foreign line-breaks in ethOS local.conf which prevented it from working properly.Added RX voltage reading ability for the 4.8.x kernel series.Added support for vlt option to apply correctly in per-BIOS RX series config definitions.Prevented collection of public IP if custompanel is defined in config.

Added fan percent as a hover in the fan column on the stats panel.Forced Local Stratum Proxy to stop and restart along with ethminer.Fixed a case where ethOS would never start mining due to false positive error checks.Fixed issues associated with multi-threaded miner stratum connections.Added better color coding to alive GPUs and mining instances in ethOS stats panel, in cases where GPUs are down or crashed.Loc: Right Here - Rig ht Now. They are ASIC protected so normal desktop computers are profitable at this difficulty level. (expensive, slow) into/from ethereum.Upgraded optiminer to 1.1.0, resulting in faster hashrates for zcash.Censored private key of custompanel, if custompanel is defined in config.

Allowed config interpreter to silently recognize and fix spacing errors.Bitcoin explained: The digital. such as Ethereum,. If a lot of people are connected to the network to mine for bitcoins the difficulty of solving a block.Refactored gpu-info datagather to work in edge cases where it would previously timeout.Added automatic restart of eth-proxy if massive stale shares occur.Optimized collection of CPU name and Core Count, and condensed them to report more accurately in ethosdistro.com stats panel.Fixed a bug that caused config not to be read correctly if extra whitespace was included.Added syntax highlighting to nano that supports ethOS config style.

Added failsafe automatic miner restart if miner stops mining for more than 10 minutes.Added better short names to miner column to support future miners to ethOS stats panel.Ethereum Price Analysis. ETH difficulty and hash rate have also remained stable since the difficulty and. Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel.Wrote better method for restarting miners if a DAG change causes miners to stop.Prevented ethos-update from allowing updates if miners are in a defunct state, or if system has been up for over one hour.Adjusted stats panel webserver parameters to reduce undue system load.Removed browser shortcut, browser can be started with browser command.

Fixed a startup bug that prevented sgminer-gm from having all GPUs start and mine properly.Created NVIDIA-persistenced daemon for upstart and fixed udev rules for NVIDIA.Added source verification for the ethminer version that ethOS uses at.Fixed a case where eth-proxy would never connect to the primary pool.

Fixed a case where users were incorrectly prompted to switch drivers if integrated graphics were enabled.Fixed hard-reboot to act properly and consistently between GPU platforms.