Mine Ethereums with cpu

LBCMiner: TheCryptoKing, no one wants to help you with your short.Olhado: I think xrp gave a sign on Saturday of what it wanted to do. which is return to at least a 500 million market cap.Mirai: 102539, looking into it, one moment please, thank you.CuteLittleBunny: If unpermissioned blockchains are heavily restricted in law, a very old blockchain like ripple with ties to well respected companies might do well.

FreeFireWall150: xrxlemx, check their web and most importantly the link I provided.ZWhale: lionelm355i, Alphabay will get wrecked after adding ETH:).Bigolas: balazs, Please file a support ticket at.Thank you.

BobTheBollinger: deephsh, some warning. that happened 5 mins ago.Hypercoins: lmao feel te pain of those panic sold their ethereum.LysanderSpooner: Dash says: I just like to watch the world burn. lol.Bigolas: PRO TIP: Beware of phishing sites and links promising profits.

Bigolas: underdog, It appears to be heavy load at the moment, support are working on it.WaveFCollaps: gpedr4, yeah should be enough beeding for next days.RowBoatMoney: lookup, I like being stuck at the office when everyone else is in meetings: no need to hide Polo:).

Mr1Westbrook: eyejay, nope not waisting my time on you, well as little as possible, but hey everytime i am here and i see fud, i may as well discredit the fud.FreeFireWall150: xrxlemx, yeah, but it will most likely go up in the upcoming days.Mirai: Afwrida, Please, keep the language in the TrollBox to English.Epimetheus: ETH next jump to 0.043 and than sideways before the moon.MrSelfDestruct: Karoshi, Sharding is the most scale-able thing ever.ShinyCoin: mindhacker00, btc is very strong and getting much stronger.Mr1Westbrook: eyejay, I am pretty sure that you always directly attack me or dash first, than when i provide arguments you just shout instamine.Banhammer: Paperklipp banned for 2 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.Karoshi: youcanonlydothisonce, also think about token numbers in ETH vs dash say - ETH has total tokens out there 10x of DASH.

Taboo: DASH order book has green buy orders on the sell side.Nayakovlev90-61f7: Karoshi, perhaps, but the course etc soar above 100k.

BrainShutdown: LBCMiner, and all the brainwashed by dash fudders and trolls just watching in awe xD.IamMeeoh: Bigolas, is it true that the btc hard-fork happened yesterday.Burnitdown: Bigolas, did OMK change his chat name or is OGJ different.

CryptoCrawler: bchamz, can you remember anyday where the the dash detailed video hits and.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: papageorgio, ok, point is the price is artificially inflated.Anondran: bkklb, nice yes ETC got potential and cheap compared to ETH.Linux: btc falling pretty fast and steady over the last hour. could be a big drop inc.Karoshi: someone holding 1M at Polo.they must trust it a fair bit.

HuibStaR: luizhp, tnx i read some speculation that thursday or fryday eth about to go up. but i cant find out why.Crypt0Damus: NAV rumors of swedish king very interested in nav coin and is testing it out.Bands are only indicating upward momentum ont he 4 hour chart.Banhammer: michal.gacek banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Bigolas: coinsmith, Have you replied to the email, usually within 1 hr.Mamamopanot: MrMotorCycle, XRP gives me a HOng kong vacation hahaha.The innovation of miners like myself can far exceed that of large companies.Deathandtaxes: angelitto, True, frankly I think PART has more inherant and historical value as it is still Shadow just with benefits and shadow was already poised gains before.

XCPTrader: Look at the chart for dash, there was a massive sell-off before the pump.Nordman: SideShowBob, what not sure I know what you are talking about.