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Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) Has Reached End of Life, Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 Now.Best Linux distros 2018: the finest open source operating systems around.The world of cryptocurrency extends far. Most of these wallets take the form of computer programs you can quickly download to your. Faster international.How to install and use the smem memory reporting tool in Linux.FTL: Faster Than Light has a new patch to fix some lingering issues.In a militarized environment with aggressive controls on media and citizen reporting, few stories of Western Sahara reach audiences beyond the immediate region.

Android security: This newly discovered snooping tool has remarkable spying abilities.A scary percentage of smartphone owners exhibit signs of addiction.BitTorrent flaw could let hackers take control of Windows, Linux PCs.Truecaller Now Lets Android Users Back Up and Restore Contacts, Call History, Block List, and More.An African American writer calls out racist hate speech—and gets suspended from Facebook.From the basic 14 years provided by the Statute of Anne, the copyright ratchet has now brought about a widespread 70 years over and above for the whole lifetime of the creator.So we have ancient hardware, Nvidia graphics, dual boot. Commence.Assange gets Ecuadorian citizenship after five-year embassy stay.

Development teams work on updated kernels for the various distributions, and users need to update browsers and other software to protect data against potential attacks.Nielsen did not go into detail about the active defense measures that the Homeland Security Department is supporting in the private sector.Book Review: Cultural Stagnation bred by Vietnamese censorship.

For example, it already makes possible to install a fully encrypted system with no LVM using the automatic proposal and to handle much better filesystems placed directly on a disk without any partitioning.The Raleigh, N.C.-headquartered open source software company said it has developed security updates across its portfolio to address the vulnerabilities, and is working with partners to help protect customers.But there are really only three ways to fully roll back the rollback.Western Digital My Cloud drives have a built-in backdoor: Remote access of files is possible.

His team finished the exploit on December 3rd, a Sunday afternoon.It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON.The saga behind the decision I am going to report on first started in April 2015, when prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad directed claims against Fredrik Neij (one of the creators of The Pirate Bay) in an effort to disrupt the operation of The Pirate Bay website in Sweden.

Chip suppliers and operating system and hypervisor makers have known about these exploits since last June, and have been working behind the scenes to provide corrective countermeasures to block them.With the help of hypervisors like Oracle VirtualBox, one can run operating systems within another pre-installed host operating system and try out the features.It all sounds incredibly boring, largely because, for the most part, it is.Susan Collins, Angus King back bill to reverse FCC vote against net neutrality.As losing is no longer a trivial event in the age of Brexit and Trump, it is worth understanding the consequences of going beyond the old liberal principle that only demagogues who incite violence should be banned.The payback on optimality and efficiency is quantitative, calculable, and central to short-term survivability.

The web site TripAdvisor provides ratings and reviews of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruises, and entertainment destinations.Back in October, Hauser was diving off near the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, with a camera crew who wanted to film her in the water alongside humpback whales.

For the longer version we have to take a detour into how flatpak and fontconfig works.This is the alternative to Cydia substrate that was first developed by Comex.We try to break any such stupid limits others try to force on our lives.That is Exactly What Origin Protocol Wants to do Using Blockchain.Despite what you may have been led to believe, there are in fact a number of solid Linux alternatives for Microsoft Office available.The value of the public domain is impossible to overestimate.January 1, 2019 will mark the end of this dry spell as works first published in 1923 will finally enter the public domain.Google adds Android TV Home and Core Services to the Play Store.Now it is almost impossible to walk the floor and see any products that touch the Apple ecosystem in any way except for an app on the iOS App Store.

The former Ukip leader told the Observer that he was becoming increasingly worried that the Leave camp had stopped fighting their corner, leaving a well-funded and organised Remain operation free to influence the political and public debate without challenge.The fastest-growing business app is relying on machine-learning tricks to fend off a deluge of messages—as well as competition from Facebook and Microsoft.This obviously triggered the store evacuation given the risks of smoke intoxication, and firefighters and police rushed to the scene.

According to the latest web server survey by Netcraft, which was carried out towards the end of 2017, (precisely in November), Apache and Nginx are the most widely used open source web servers on the Internet.KDE Frameworks 5.42.0 was released today as the latest monthly feature update to this collection of add-on KDE libraries complementing Qt5.While there are not a lot of new and updated packages, there is a lot of restructuring of the packages in Debian, mostly trying to placate the voices that the TeX Live packages are getting bigger and bigger and bigger (which is true).Following raids in Cyprus, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Greece, TorrentFreak identified the ISP from where the illicit operation allegedly broadcast to the world.Located in a small Bulgarian town, the ISP says it is cooperating with the police to identify the suspects.Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse.After a Sweet Deal With Dad, Eric Trump Assembles a Valuable Penthouse.

Three months after U.S. officials asserted that Russian intelligence used popular antivirus company Kaspersky to steal U.S. classified information, there are indications that the alleged espionage is related to a public campaign of highly damaging NSA leaks by a mysterious group called the Shadow Brokers.The most trusted authority on all things blockchain and. Cryptocurrency investment guide. May 24, 2017. A permissioned ledger is usually faster than an.And it could alienate millions of either Brexit or Remain voters who chose Labour in 2017.A workaround and a fix for existing users were available shortly after that, as they had to update the kernel packages in Ubuntu 17.10 to disable the intel-spi driver at boot time.