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Banhammer: greengecko banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.WuTangForever: thunderwolf, eerie coincidence that I actually have one, pig.'s List of Every Word of the Year

Banhammer: futuret23 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken.Have had my eth sitting in there for over a day, no movement.SteamboatG: So if ETC gets pumped, the attacker gets more ETH.:D.SuperDuperMan: Bingaling, that pink name isnt as intimidating as mine.SuperDuperMan: SuperDuperMan, scrap that I meant the opposite.

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As long as it meets the price, you can close out your position that way.CryptoCatfish: ETH longs did well today.I just didnt have to guts to long it.PaDutchCrypto: it takes a certain kind of person to trade crypto.TeaEarlGreyHot: Gr33d, i dont mean use as in use it as a currency.i mean build on top of.

ForexCryptographer: Belieber3, lol have fun with that scamcoin.CryptoNeverSleeps: jjmv: well everybody can set up the price he wants: I said I was willing to pay 0.25 btc for 2 millions ETC.TeaEarlGreyHot: Waiting for team ETH to start claiming they should be double in value now since they have two chains LOLOLOLOLOLOL.WuTangForever: SolarPowered, I have some red, used, btc active loans.

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SteamboatG: lestherat, or he changes it into Eth and dumps the Eth:).Hardware. Store your Dash. Here’s the fee distribution from Dash’s block rewards: The miner. around 4,500 masternodes are on the Dash network. In comparison.Customsalvage: rieng77, Creighton, a graduate of MIT, then took over as lead blockchain developer, and Forster took over as CEO.Monero. one can consider. hardware.1 0e+00 0. and the miner who had first published the proof receives a reward (currently 25 bitcoins). As the price of Bitcoin.Bndofgyps: shorts, ya more like pre evolutionary strong arm stage.Zaphod: j4se, maker and digix have made statements regarding etc.

MattShmatt: people get too damn antsy and sell before anything can really pick up.SteamboatG: themightyx, dao stated it was highly risky to invest.

ShowMeTheMoney: Futterwacken, if im long. and i wanna cover if the price goes down.

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CryptoNeverSleeps: jjmv: only a tiny amount of the 82m of ETC are actually trading.Kittybugball: lookup, i dont get to go to the dentist for 6 months.:(.VirtualMe: shorts, but money pushes the agenda, xrp tried and failed now eth is the vehicle to try to destroy decentralized markets.Rippler: thunderwolf, great trading year ahead.big birthday luck for you.WuTangForever: thunderwolf, sounding like a sheep, wolfpigcop.Flynn: LonisVanHall, I was here that night. and yes I did buy ETC for the novelty.SolarPowered: Please, keep the language in the TROLLBOX to English.

Bitsbetrippin: that being said, the core developers that inherited the responsibility of ETC will have to deal with the difficulty bomb.Zagial: the local eth top was literally right where I said it would be a few hours ago:O.I do most of my experiments with Jupyter Notebooks and Keras on top of TensorFlow.Capricoinn: i just realised it was a huge mistake not buying ETC a few hours ago. damnit.So I have some days to play with until I have to pay the bill.LongerThanMost: the fact that banks will use it until they are destroyed is good, use them.Rippler: pantokrator.azib, we are in the JOKE bix now i guess.

BjornBB: shorts, thats also correct but soon that will be a non issue as major pools are adding etc f2pool addition is no small thing.Banhammer: thomasawa banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by smallbit.--- Log opened Fri Sep 01 00:00:05 2017 2017-09-01T00:01:50 -!- Chris_M|2 [[email protected]] has joined ##stm32 2017-09-01T00:02.MeatJockey: thunderwolf, yes. there are only 7 days per week that I drink.Mastodon: CryptoNeverSleeps, helicopter drop:D too bad i sold before the fork. didnt see that one coming.Rippler: huseyind93, i just sit in here day and night now. stealing XRP.VirtualMe: well i mean with the eth teams motives so, controversial atm,who knows what will happen.Futterwacken: rmckenzie88edu, lets not post steemit links here please.

TeaEarlGreyHot: miau, they would prefer not having to deal with any of it.It really depends on the type of things that you do - if your network is deep and has a lot of matrix multiplication, GPUs definitely do speed things up.SolarPowered: Skatebird, I believe you have to simply hold them when announced.Even people with ETH on Poloniex suddenly got free ETC on Poloniex.Rahul: wow ETC still holding on.i though by now it would be dead.SuperDuperMan: StealthTrader, yes twice, my usernames are tommyarnold and whiskers (the one I replied with).PaDutchCrypto: themightyx, definitely brother. we forge ahead.One reason to use epoch checkpointing is because that ensures that all samples of the training data have been seen the same number of times.TeaEarlGreyHot: at these prices.ETH would of been.027 when btc was 500.