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Added more information to gethelp diagnostics report, and reformatted gethelp in logical order with comments.Added ability for optimizer-zcash to read ethOS config for flags and flg (useful for -i flag).Added out-of-the-box support for Monero for NVIDIA through ccminer (see ).Added support for vlt option to apply correctly in per-BIOS RX series config definitions.Added support for defining pools, wallets, and passwords for multiple miners (example at the bottom of ).Reduced potential of cosmetic errors from appearing during ethOS startup.Added support for zcash mining with zcash-miner GPU miner ( instructions ).Fixed issue where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display running miner time properly on ethOS stats panel.Cleaned up hashrate sampler to report hashrates more accurately.

Completed disk write audit for preventing possible filesystem corruption caused by reboots.Revamped hash-gather methods to support the addition of future miners more quickly.

Added transparent terminal to desktop, and fixed terminal desktop display issues.Fixed an issue where overheat event conditions set miner hashrate display to zero on the stats panel.Audited all IRC support channel directions to point to the correct IRC channel.

Fixed average GPU temperature calculation in stats panel.Fixed a startup bug that prevented sgminer-gm from having all GPUs start and mine properly.Updated ethOS to kernel 4.8.17, resulting in increased stability and a slightly increased hashrate.

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Added GPU crash detection to report crashed GPUs on the ethOS desktop.

Free, open source, privacy focused email & SMS crypto currency price alerts service. Create alerts for 1500+ coins in BTC, ETH, EUR, AUD, CAD, KRW and JPY.Added better support to poolemail config option to work better with certain pools (dwarfpool xmr and nanopool xmr).Reduced size of ethOS live image contents to be less than 4gb.Added better estimation to capacity percentage in ethOS stats panel.

The Monero price, for example. have the appeal of other currencies which surge in value these days. Monero Price. investing in this current for the.Wrote better method for restarting miners if a DAG change causes miners to stop.Comments Comments Off on NY Sea Grant King Salmon Video Highlights Value, High-Tech Fish Tracking.

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Removed some disk writes associated with logging to allow longer disk lifespan.Prevented situations where misreported GPU temperature causing mining to incorrectly shut down.Created functionality to switch between fglrx (not RX series) and amdgpu (RX series).Adjusted colors of GPU hashes in stats panel to better reflect hashrate.

Allowed users to recieve ethOS download purchases immediately.Fixed a case where loc passed illegal unsupported characters to worker name.

Added daemon for desktop statistics to make sure it runs at all times.Updated ethOS to AMDGPU 16.60, resulting in a slightly increased hashrate.

Fixed cases where temperature collector skipped temperatures of GPUs in certain instances.Allowed miner to restart automatically if pool or wallet changes in ethOS config, without requiring manual restart or reboot.Added more mining monitoring checks for optiminer, to attempt to continue mining in case of errors.Fix cases where running ethos-overclock manually resulted in a delay early in the boot process.Allowed miners to start much earlier in the boot process, reduced the amount of waiting required for miners to start.Fixed situations where running ethos-update resulted in unclean updates.Comments Off on NY Sea Grant King Salmon Video Highlights Value, High-Tech Fish Tracking.