How to invest moneros

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SolarPowered: kushbtc, Lets please not insult others thank you.SolidX looks a lot better than what the Winklevoss are offering.Zebra: SpaceX, bloomberg posted a proposterous page about bitcoin 14 hrs ago.DestroyAllHumans: Blackjack for example, only gives the casino a 51%-52% chance of winning.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, yep, some very pugnacious trolls about today.

MOTB: Shamu, they fixed it but no1 know what kind of plain data get into the wild.DestroyAllHumans: Unless you know what you are doing, python will likely be faster than C.PumpyBrewster: ButcherofBallyhoo, mythology that is on bitcointalk and documented.SleepySkiesCole: frenchfry, It has been this high before and crashed.

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Takksplace: unluckyman, i dont know. i almost threw mine at it last night before bed.

SolarPowered: heitormessias, You can post an order and wait for someone to buy or sell it. or you can manually click the books to do so instantly.Banhammer: ypineiro2000 banned for 3 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.Xapo: Zebra, I hate bankers but I would not support criminals like dash and XMR as well.Denominator: JohnsJohnJohnny, interesting view I think dsh over rated.Zebra: Zebra, just omming sometime to watch big show and enjoy the popcorn wathing the charts:D.SleepySkiesCole: unluckyman, having enough in margin trading to benefit off 5% swings and hold out for anything larger is a plus.

Shinn: Zebra, can be many reasons. bitcoin markets are highly manipulated.fake news, hacks, etc.CashCow: CoinDreamer, if the etf does not pass, alts and btc should dip.Even more used on the casino I lost money on last night lol dash is not bad.

Depends on what you want to pay and how bad you want something.He even admitted to the bug that made the block reward 500 coins every 2 seconds.Namtara: OaktreeCapital, the relaxation was always within you.

SolarPowered: Please, try to refrain from using ALL CAPS or excessive CAPS in the TROLLBOX.AmeliaLuvsBitcoin: OaktreeCapital, oh sorry, I did not see your comments and wasnt really talking to you.JohnsJohnJohnny: Why the hell is ripple top 3 market cap. that makes me so angry.Su100: SolarPowered, Okay coz from other exchange they said to change the 2FA.Zebra: Xapo, without even tiny bit of evidence, you spreding lies. Very nice.Zebra: j33hopper, yes please ease on FUD from Xapo. she spreading lies and this is FUD.CryptDoH: DASH is like the ball that you push to the bottom of the pool.CryptoCatfish: wbe4ever, Not looking good for the dash shorts - candle closes in 3 min.

Watchtower: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.Wilthax: sHeBiTmE, inside info can reveal my sources. they also say fluff has a gimp arm so likly not to accept.Maybe I mightget more if I could make a living but so far unsure.SolarPowered: bitkatanat, If you have repeated issues with that Please file a support ticket at so support can work with you to fix it.NooberDog: frenchfry, i run a page with whales on it talking about shorting dash:o.

CashCow: Europe falling apart. btc will have a very good 2017 with or without ETF.