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What happens on PFD is not necessarily the consequence of a control input.Ah, we are getting somewhere.Maybe just what was missing to both copilots and the returning captain to properly analyse the situation.I was trying to explain that the situation is very subtle - it initially looked like an autothrust fault - and the overspeed warning is so loud and distracting that I did the wrong thing in the SIM - I tried to stop the noise by slowing the aircraft out of overspeed (compounded by my thinking it was a V aplha prot problem).

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Regarding the 60 knot stall warning cut-out, I believe that is pretty common, it is in all Bombardier planes.In either case, the unnecessary pull was the proximate cause of the actual Stall.CC movement for the same result is as you say, small.may be the same numbers but in inches.

Steam Workshop: Left 4 Dead 2. the. If the music doesn't work then another mod is conflicting with this one. this character model is not mine.It has even caught low gain pilots off guard, particularly when coupled with a startle situation or a sudden ramp up in a tight tracking task.

In fact there are more fatal stall accidents in aircraft with CCs than with SSs.If your attention is directed elsewhere (like outside the aircraft or at controlling a roll oscillation) you might well be setting off down a wrong path in controlling your aircraft.But I also definitely know ignorance of FCOM did not help pilots of EK521 either, the recent Dubai 3rd August.Kryptolight: Hal, haha the only time it is allowed to drop is when I have some spare money to invest:D.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, I am not a dash expert mind you.But I think it bound to the address on the back end.In other words, you have reasonable cover up to quite high sideslips and quite high angles of attack (AOA), but not at the same time.People tend not to realize the lack of salience the cc position has in a situation like this.

Rely on the stall warning that could be triggered in alternate or direct law.I was trying to explain that the situation is very subtle. Sure it is.SR4: sh4dow, dont gamble it.just set a tiny% for practice and just try to accumulate btc and some eth too.This accident appears to have been beyond anything foreseen by both the manufacturer and regulator, yet with hindsight, imagination - stating the obvious, it is suddenly easy.

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RiSCiSO: GodAlmighty, we know. but if I could tell any dummy with money who knows nothing about nothing - I would say on berkshire stock.Khilone: Fresh from the CEO of stratis: It is with great pleasure that I can announce, tomorrow will be the Alpha release of our bitcoin Full Node Daemon.First you make irrational pitch input then create PIO in roll and forget about the pitch totally and a training programme that caters for all this, You may have to select commercial pilots from aerobatic teams.

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DOCinTheBox: I got shadow banned for trying to share a twitter link.Actual accidents you will have to google.No search engine can change the fact there was none as described in US.VenCap: stratis has the biggest potential of any coin here, next few months will prove that.Current users (170): adante, aloril, andreax1, Anduin, Andy50, AndyCap, antgel, anykey_, Azelphur, Beirdo, benc_, bhaak, blizzard_, BLZbubba, bobgill, brfransen.

KerCHING: SideShowBob, that sounds more hazardous than smoking.Machinbird 16th Feb 2015, 05:30 Pilot pulls back on side stick and instead of seeing the result on attitude only monitors bank.Tempers: because i paid 15 to convert btc to usd when i could have sent it here and did the same for less than half the cost.SideShowBob: so when i got out i was a different person and chose not to be so evil and rooted out those vultures one at a time.I have a much better understanding of what might have happened that night now and you have removed my prejudices of the plane and crew.Communication, an utterly vital element to Crew Resource Management regardless of aircraft type.SolarPowered: POLO TIP: The use of foul language is considered rude and offensive.The behavior he witnessed however should not be called neutral stability.

Tempers: ie you get the reduced negotiated price - but no payment.The Airbus overspeed warning is extremely loud, extremely insistent, and does not stop (and I forgot how to cancel it).And good to see so many familiar folks - what a wealth of experience and knowledge here.and some more pictures! Although the car will never be finished (money-pit), in time I will have the interior, engine, and chrome parts done.I have a long before its.I would define that as the first aspect of Airbus FBW stall-warning logic that might be reconsidered.Simulators would need to be improved in the high AoA, high altitude regimes, assisted to some extent by data from AF 447.If technology in 2010s can render force feedback sidesticks as useful and reliable as artificial feel systems of 1960ies or no-feel sidesticks of 1980ies - good for everybody.

As a result Bird is available and should be used in Unreliable speed situation.This has also been slowed by terrorism which takes up all the resources.For example,a typical data package would cover the areas described in table 2.

When there are no protections left, the aeroplane no longer possesses positive longitudinal static stability even on approach to stall.It raises a question mark on credibility of simulator behaviour outside the flight envelope.Crews need to consider what aspects are required to understand the situation before choosing a course of action.Not only must the individuals accused become embroiled in the legal process, often in a country with which they are unfamiliar, but corporate defendants are also exposed.Would a PM gain sufficient experience to qualify as a relief PF, enabling judgement of an emergency, and in handling the aircraft with abnormal feel.This could have been reversed, of course, by sustained forward command on the sidestick, as PJ2 demonstrated in the simulator (see quote by Turbine D, above).

My work also integrates historical ecological precepts, as William Bale suggests,. In effect, there could be no religion. Chapter 6: Who is Nature:.FreakinJohn: RiSCiSO, the only option I can think of is if fewer people buy, or if people were more consistent with buying.MemberBerries: DustOff, noo sometime biggest scam is 1st. look at eth lol.In the case of AF447, however, the intermittent nature of the warnings persisted (for reasons that, with the benefit of hindsight, are well understood) despite the stall becoming deeper and deeper.I tried to ignore the warning and work out what was happening.VenomGhost: LetterFromNorway, Please no referral links in the box.MacGyver: thunderwolf, you should check out their bct. incredible work from nicolas dorier and team.BrainStormer: lookup, Cool man i am still stuck in Albania waiting for the opportunity of life.