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Thehobbitwith9fingers: guys everyone should buy at 102 per dash seems smart.Banhammer: marlonsib2015 and pak.chong.nam banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.

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Jossy: Vryzor, they are still here, just lingering like bad smells.Banhammer: Ktirio2004 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.MAGAson: Crypt0Damus, lol, thats putting the cart before the horse, but it may be worth a few bucks into NAV.Burnitdown: Happy national goof off day america. shouldnt be hard.ZWhale: Vryzor, too much bugs and vulnerabilities, but look at price.

LBCMiner: more fuel to the dash rise.lots of short positions.Karoshi: someone holding 1M at Polo.they must trust it a fair bit.

BillBromsnor: TheCryptoKing, i will tell you why. no whale with so much btc will go through so much effort to blow dash past 0.1 and than sell it off at 103.Bigolas: rennychj, pinkpothappie, No xrp we issues we are aware of, keep us posted if you have any issues.Logicaluser: Bigolas, (not necessarily you specifically, just the mod team in general(.MrMotorCycle: Mirai, actually your the first one to banned me haha.Mirai: POLO TIP: You can MARK a user for reputation in the TROLLBOX.MayPine: i see the trolls and shills have found refuge in SYS.Bigolas: goodfor, Withdrawals require procedures to keep your coins safe, thankyou for your patience.FreeFireWall150: xrxlemx, NAV seems like a stable coin for now.HoseRodriguezMuchaDonPrdonho: TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TR.

Oldgamejunk: Logicaluser, Lets keep it civil in the box please, thank you.CryptoFanBoi: Hey anybody had any problem with USDT recently.Banhammer: InvestCrypto banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Heyo: this eth drop is only because some guy want go on dash thats the most funny.LBCMiner: D3EP, I closed a couple times, once my averge was negative if thats possible lol.

Bigolas: KylesCoins, Not sure what you mean, the purchase price you set, minus fees.JoseMorris: Bitcoin Hard Fork Will Be Felt Deeper Than Ethereums: Experts.Mirai: Pbitty, awaiting approval can be flagged for many reasons.EtherealCereal: office00j344, It depends on whether core implement segwit right away.Zylon: Dash will crash hard, look at the all-time curve, it is exponential.RowBoatMoney: lookup, I like being stuck at the office when everyone else is in meetings: no need to hide Polo:).Mirai: POLO TIP: The use of foul language is considered rude and offensive.

Monstercoin996: terrybeth, my oldies are near the hypermarket.Burnitdown: catchmeifyoucan, idea being that what is worthless will remain worthless regardless of market.Cryptoniteburning: charifabdeslem, your face going to crash, not ETH.DenverTheDinozor: jan.antonie.banki, it means nothing, 10 masternodes were taken off i guess it was to do the sell off and rebuy lower for doing it again.Mirai: jeronbernal, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to review and process your withdrawal.Oldgamejunk: 0x1, Please do not incite others to buy or sell please, thank you.

SideShowBob: Nordman, this is just one reason why i stated that btc will break 2000 this year.Banhammer: Merovingian banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.CoinAddict: ShoppingTrolley, the you must be the lisk dumper that kills the buy side over and over and over. ha ha.Cryptoxic: PINK: some resistance at 100, then everything is possible.Karoshi: Also, if anyone tells you XMR is the way to go, ask how they expect to scale it, prune the blockchain or lower tx data sizes.CoinMeGood: Thehobbitwith9fingers, which i think is pointless. i think noone should list it at all. it needs to go one way or the other. no like eth did.WalletMonster: Lagniappe, the shorter is using leverage, so he makes high profit from a small move in his favour.FiatsCryptonite: Because there are hardly educated traders who would demand it, all in gold rush till its over.WaveFCollaps: and monero is the only coin Roger Ver fears. he shorted it to death.

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Ripple is the hot coin of the moment,. If the chart above is to be believed at all,. Take for instance what happened in 2014 to Mt. Gox,.Banhammer: Paperklipp banned for 2 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.Oldgamejunk: thakkarkaran420, If your verification level is high enough and you are using 2fa they will be mostly instant.Oldgamejunk: DDAEBUJA, Please do not incite others to buy or sell please, thank you1.Banhammer: sylph93 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Banhammer: ygarden17 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.

Mirai: retol, Please refrain from posting ticker spam, try adding more content to the post next time.Banhammer: Mamamopanot banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Banhammer: Memegod banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Suddenly my access data was ok, but you guys should check the recovery code.WaveFCollaps: ty for the pink guys. good day and good trading.Peach8: terrybeth, its not lagging on my browser at terrybeth.

Cryptopatra: krishna-5000, lancecrypto, yes very few coins and very soon they are delisting LTC.FiatsCryptonite: SideShowBob, what I mean by that its too much emotions, too much excitement and pessimism, hardly anyone makes balanced calls.You hit an ATH, you hit a 50% retraeecement, you then hit the ATH again, and hopefully go above it.WaveFCollaps: BTC proved 1000 support, its now time to crash dash and ETH. basicly its a pumped up hype like BTU is.Banhammer: greenbear banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Thehobbitwith9fingers: when people start saying dash is dead its the best time to buy:).Dumpbusters: for give them bitcoin jesus for they know not what they do.RowBoatMoney: moorsc0de, if the island has a mooring for my boat, I want in.

Banhammer: JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA banned for 2 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.I feel that it is slowing unless there is more big news to fuel volume.Banhammer: jaIjajaj banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Mirai.