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When people think micropayments, they immediately think about the ability to make small payments to view articles, watch videos, or digest some other form of online content.Not only does the Lightning Network make these sorts of small payments for content possible, it also could be made completely seamless through the use of browser-based bitcoin wallets.

Do consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.Bitcoin Core Contributor Eric Lombrozo shared seven use cases of the Lightning Network at the recent Blockchain. to plug into something like Snapcard’s.

Although popular content usually has no problem finding seeders, torrents of less popular content tend to be hard to find or nonexistent.Lombrozo also briefly mentioned game credits and game tokens during his talk.Snapcard CEO Michael Dunworth explains his company's focus on practical use cases for bitcoin where users have strong incentives to use the cryptocurrency.App stores were another use case of the Lightning Network mentioned by Lombrozo during his talk.In the case of PagPop, Snapcard simply wants to capitalize on a market where it seems to make sense for merchants to accept bitcoin.One torrent client, Joystream, is already working on this, and they currently use basic payment channels instead of a more generalized network for micropayments such as the Lightning Network.Dunworth added that TangoCard are doing more than 10,000 transactions per week through Snapcard, although most of these transactions take place off-blockchain.

This means transfers and atomic exchanges between sidechains, which could contain different assets, can take place instantaneously.By providing your email address, you consent to receive information and updates on CoinGecko.

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P2P bandwidth and hosting sales also make more sense with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.In a partnership with Snapcard, UniPAY is now offering a cryptocurrency payment solution in Georgia.Download the exclusive 2017 Year-in-Review Cryptocurrency Report.

Having said that, extremely small micropayments may not be practical for Bitcoin until something like the Lightning Network is available on a large scale.For now, it appears that Prize Rebel is treating Bitcoin like any other payment system on the web, but it could be interesting to see the website experiment with payouts in smaller amounts.

Apps are, usually, low-priced digital goods, which is an area of commerce that has always been touted as an opportunity for bitcoin options.Kyle is a freelance writer who has been interested in bitcoin since 2011.Bitcoin Developer Eric Lombrozo on 7 Possible Use Cases of the Lightning Network.

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Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.When asked why bitcoin makes sense for the redemption of loyalty reward points, Dunworth shared an example of what can happen when someone tries to cash in some loyalty points from a country without a globally-connected digital payment system.Having said that, this would still require game developers to enable the transfer of these tokens between players.One of the Bitcoin startups that seems to have their head on straight when it comes to practical use cases for blockchain technology is Snapcard.

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TangoCard is a loyalty rewards program, while PagPop is a payment processor with more than 12,000 merchants in Brazil.Monero Price; Dash Price; Ripple Price;. Partnering With Snapcard. Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices with up to -20% in 2018.With micropayments, users can connect to the Internet via a local mesh network and pay per megabit rather than signing up for a monthly subscription via an ISP.In particular, it could make sense for some users to get paid for seeding particular torrents.

Snapcard Brings Bitcoin to Loyalty Rewards Programs and Brazil.Someone with a data connection through their mobile provider would be able to sell access to that connection via Bitcoin-powered micropayments.One of the key areas of potential for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network in the gaming industry is the ability to transfer tokens or credits between games.CoinGecko Buzz is a space for lists, guides, and insights article on Bitcoin and other digital currencies (cryptocurrencies).

While talking about the merits of the Lightning Network and other off-chain solutions, Lombrozo shared seven possible use cases of the new platform with the audience at the San Diego Convention Center.The idea of using something like the Lightning Network to create a decentralized exchange has also been discussed by Amiko Pay Developer C.J. Plooy. According to Plooy, Lightning Network channels have the ability to route payments between different blockchains.During our conversation, Michael Dunworth explained the problems associated with going after these sort of hollow goals.