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Hash per hash, they were paid about 6% more from the pool than the other major pool.Completely understandable, and a real-world example of how the Core devs are driving real bussinesses (and business) away from Bitcoin.The 20% of the code, if it works correctly, will need to be modified much less frequently than the 80% of tests.New functionality should be added by introducing new opcodes.Newest Screens; 24H Worst Token Performers: Cap > 100,000,000 & Vol > 500,000; 24H Worst Token Performers: Cap > 10,000,000 < 100,000,000 & Vol > 500,000.It would be great if people used a safer flag to support larger blocks, as if this happens there is a greater chance of getting more support.

You can send from segwit address to non-segwit address - what happens then in case of latter HF that refuses to use segwit rules.The ideas and concepts are separate, but the work to implement them is not.I am just saying there is no harm with setting the BIP109 flags because BIP109 will not activate because people are not running nodes that understand BIP109.Bitcoin is not that turbulent as I imagine other coins are in their implementation, also there are dev efforts to make less non-standard transactions in Bitcoin I guess.The standards include the maintenance of cold wallet,. while gluten-free flour ensures even the most sensitive. all this was just a few lines of code and an.FT introduces a new transaction format and everyone still need to be able to parse this new information correctly to be able to take advantage of it.

Those tests will need to be updated every time a new feature is added, in addition to all the tests that already exist.Once implemented in NBitcoin, adding Segregated Witness to my block explorer was just a matter of updating the relevant package and redeploying it.Home of free and open Bitcoin discussion, Bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top Bitcoin industry leaders.Six Ethereum Projects and its Five Competitors. created the first contract on Ethereums. is a free and open platform that puts powerful.If you have 25BTC and pay someone 1, the 24BTC would be replayed on the non-Segregated Witness fork, which will retain some value (or even take back over), and become the property of the first to claim it.There is no way to measure hash rate accurately in real time because of Poisson distribution.We saw in Ethereum Classic that people like me who believed that ETC was a scam were still able to make a thousand dollars by selling out ETC.How long is it going to take the Core to understand what users really want.The first night they even had a free BBQ and fun hangout on. with Bitcoins or Ethereums -10% OFF if you book the place in two. en ex-loc locals houdt, is.

Anything to do with development on the Ethereum blockchain protocol and the Ethereum clients. 742. 2K. Certificate de. Ethereum Web Wallet. oni.saori.We absolutely DO need to consider proposals and their interdependencies, because if we spend the next 6 months diddling with segwit and schnorr, it means we will likely NOT increase the blocksize.The likely culprit at the moment is that the has a higher share acceptance rate than the other pool.Like it or not, Bitcoin is in production for real financial transactions.IMO bitcoin needs both an adaptive blocksize and a lightning network to have any chance of survival.

assbot: Logged on 27-10-2015 19:03:59; mircea_popescu: but i got an idea of a graphic novel, suddeenly: in this crapsack world in which the implementation of the.CoinMeGood: as in buy and send to wallet or is it still tokens?. i have a nice free margin. but where wil it end ?:) when and why will it rise up again?.The new short runs 21 minutes and is streaming free on. reading BitConnect Coin Surpassing the Ethereums. wallet is one of the.We are still investigating where the extra 3% gain came from, but at this point we suspect the other pool was rejecting 3% more shares than the pool.The thing with that kind of proposal is that it is possible for 51% of the miner can collude to actually manipulate the block size limit, which actually happens in Ethereum.Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning it's money controlled and stored entirely by computers spread across the internet, and this money is finding its way to more.

Segwit benefits are numerous: plus they say the change is not that big (more than 80 % of the committed lines should be tests).Adam Back went around claiming Blockstream was the SpaceX of crypto companies.Plus, even if there were no cost for drives there is no way we can justify spending an entire weekend and a half on this issue.ONs will not be able to parse ST because it is non-standard (except when it is inside a block, which is why it is crucial that miner upgrades first) is a classical free dating site (JDS). Integrative wallet token project is about the creation of an ecosystem which will consist of 3. LOC.If you are served with a security letter, or someone threatens to throw you in jail and confiscate all of your wealth if you do not comply with a gag order that compels you to support the longest chain with the 1 MB limit intact, the canary will at least let the rest of us know.

Their fee is 3%, so the extra bitcoin could have to do with the shares acceptance rate.If you upgrade to a Segregated Witness version, your change will be lost on the fork.NBitcoin library dev Nicolas Dorier, who actually wrote a Segregated Witness compatible block explorer, thinks otherwise.There is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin.Our SSDs are only 2TB and we have 1.1TB of data, so we would have to shut down the explorers to free disk space while we upgrade them.Game 6 gpu mining - PC Games or Mobile Games Free. LEDGER NANO S WALLET. I actually had the opportunity to meet a compadre that uses his servers in a co-loc in.Actually i think people know this, and i think thats why they catch flak.

Gox, Bitfinex, etc.), this is a reason why smart people will not use bitcoin exchanges.It will move a lot of production code and libraries from a state of unmaintained-but-working to unmaintained-and-not-working.The first requirement of a free person is to throw your television out the window. During Ethereums big. like the purported owner of Ethereum wallet.

Having created block explorers for 200 coins myself, I assert that handling non-standard transactions is an extremely complex task.Once you do all of this I think you will find you have much more support.If you are interested in having your own AMA, please message the mods and let us know.

Blocksize increase provided limited upside (probably 5x is the most optimistic estimate) while Lightning provides more upside (I think 10x is the most pessimistic estimate).Maybe if you added timeframe views to your site it would be better, then people can see 24h, 3D, 1W, 1M views.But in my mind its so far out to think that the network will fork AND discontinue a tx format that most likely will be in use by alot of people.It fit into the existing Bitcoin paradigm and it was significantly and publicly tested before going live.Join the new Bitcoin Mining Pool with 105% Block Reward, 0% Fees.biggest btc exchange Search Gumtree Free Classified Ads. Convert Bitcoins to Ethereums with a. MasterCard or AmEx debit and credit cards. LOC/BTC.I think that zero-fee pools are part of the reason why mining is so centralized.

Exchanges, which often have custom implementations of the Bitcoin client, would need to modify production code that has in some cases been working for years with no issues.Remember asking for votes and other forms of vote manipulation is strictly prohibited.The reason is that someone is undoubtedly going to fork Bitcoin if adoption looks likely.This is why the 1W view of blocktrail is a more accurate sample.ethereum / wiki. Code. Issues 152. one is always free to do so by constructing a contract which forwards transactions but. loc =[k+2.I thought that - being a softfork - segwit is backwards compatible.Home of free and open bitcoin discussion,. and pays 6% more than other mining pools, all while still in private beta!. Like 4800 LOC worth or more.The tests are also going to fail when new features are added, requiring unforeseen changes.